Drools Guvnor 5.1.0.Beta2 What's New

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Guvnor Eclipse Plugin validation

Guvnor Tools will not cause validation errors from meta files

In previous Guvnor tools versions, Guvnor meta files (.guvnorinfo) caused validation errors for certain file types, and all those meta files were visible in resources explorer. Now the meta files are marked as team resources and will thus not be visible nor processed by any validators.

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Guvnor Resource Check in Rules

Not Allowed to Add Resources without File Extension

Because Guvnor server uses the file extension to determine the resource type of a particular resource, There was a problem for files with no file extension. Now we validate and present an error if user attempts to add a resource without a file extension.

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Not Allowed to Upload Two Resources with Same Name but a Different Extension

Guvnor server uses the resource name to identify a resource. So previously if there were two resources with the same file name but different extensions, it was confused and Guvnor considered them to be the same resource. Now we validate and don't allow uploading two resources with the same file name but different extensions.

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