Forge Tools 3.3.0.M1 What's New

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Installed Forge Runtimes

The Forge Tools come with an embedded Forge runtime. It is possible to use other Forge runtimes by adding them and appropriately selecting them using the Installed Forge Runtimes preference page.

Forge Console View

There is a Forge Console view which you can open using the regular mechanisms to open Eclipse views.

Starting and Stopping Forge

You can start and stop Forge by clicking the icons in the view toolbar or by using the view dropdown menu.

Project Import

Creating a project using the Forge new-project command results in an automatic import in the workspace.

Persistence Setup

Setting up persistence in a Forge project automatically opens the created peristence.xml file in an editor.

New Entity

Creating an entity using the Forge entity command automatically opens the created Java file in the Java editor.

New Field

Creating a new field using the Forge field command automatically selects the newly generated field in the Java editor as well as in the Outline view.

Worspace Refresh

All the Forge commands recognized by the Forge Tools will refresh the relevant part of the workspace if needed.