Hibernate tools 3.2.0.CR1 What's New

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Previous new and noteworthy for 3.2.0.beta11


Easy reload of Hibernate Configuration

You can now click the "Reload" icon for a Hibernate Console Configuration to quickly reload the Configuration to get the configuration in sync with the latest changes.

Double click to open mapping/source

Double clicking an entity in the configuration will now try and locate the mapping for the corresponding entity.

For annotated entities it will show the java source and for files mapped via XML it will show the hbm.xml file.

Currently we the hbm.xml needs to be listed in hibernate.cfg.xml to be located by this functionallity.

Sorted entity and table list Previously the list of entities and tables in the configuration view was ordered in the order they were mapped; with auto-discovery that order makes very little sense thus we now sort the entities and table list by name.

Syntax highlighting in Dynamic SQL Preview The Dynamic SQL Preview now has syntax highlighting enabled for the previewed SQL.


Code completion for Hibernate configuration properties hibernate.cfg.xml and persistence.xml previously only had support for code completing hibernate property keys, now it includes code completion for the values.

Structured hbm.xml and cfg.xml editor The structured hbm.xml and cfg.xml editors known from Exadel Studio are now available in Hibernate Tools instead of the generic xml tree editor.