Seam tools 1.0.0.CR1 What's New

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Seam 2 support Seam 2 are now supported as a valid runtime and can be used together with the project and artifact creation wizards.

Seam code completion and validation now also supports the Seam 2 notion of import's.

Server selection at project creation Seam Web Project wizard now has an option for selecting the actual Server (and not just WTP runtime) that will be used for the project.

This allow the wizard to correctly identify where the needed datasource and driver libraries need to go.

Hibernate support fully enabled

Hibernate support is now enabled by default on war, ejb and test projects generated by the Seam Web Project wizard.

This enables all the HQL code completion and validation inside Java files. Code completion just requires the Hibernate Console configuration to be opened/created, validation requires the Session Factory to be opened/created.

Automatic restart deployment after Wizard

When the Seam Wizards (New Entity, Action, etc.) completes, it now (if necessary) automatically touch the right descriptors to get the new artifacts redeployed on the server.

Code editing

EL code completion/validation

EL code completion now support more of the enhancements to EL available in Seam, e.g. size, values, keySet and more are now available in code completion for collections and will not be flagged during validation.


Enable Seam Project now in preferences To avoid cluttering of the context menu for projects the "Enable Seam project" is now only available in the preferences of a java project.