Hibernate tools 3.2.1.Beta1 What's New

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Mapping Diagram

Export diagram as image

You can now right click the Mapping diagram and get it exported as .png, .jpeg or .bmp.

Undo and redo layout option

Undo and redo and auto layout is now avaialable via right click on the diagram - allowing you to adjust manually or automatically with undo support.

Graphical and structural outline

The diagram now supports both a graphical and structural outline enabling easier direct navigation of the diagram.

Query prototyping

Easier loading of console configuration When doing code completion on a Hibernate configuration that is not yet loaded (we don't do it automatically because it can be time and memory consuming) we now have a code completion option for loading the console configuration to enable proper code completion.

Easier query editor If you have an entity or property selected in the configuration when you open HQL or Criteria editor we now prefill it with a query to get that specific part.

We also ensured that the correct console configuration is selected in the query/criteria editor based on the current selection and in case no console configuration is present or the query string is empty the Run query button is disabled.

Number of results and query execution time

The properties view now includes information about the number results in the query and how long the query took to execute.

Automatic update of HQL/Criteria fetched from Java code

We already had the option of using Ctrl+1 to get a portion of the java editor copied to the HQL and Criteria editor for query prototyping, but you had to manually copy the changes you made back to the java file you started from.

Now we provide the option when you save a HQL or Criteria to update the original Java code.


File Creation shortcuts

When creating/editing a Hibernate Console Configuration you can know create an .cfg.xml or properties file directly from the wizard instead of having an preexisting file.

Delete confirmation Previously we immediatly deleted configurations when the user pressed Delete, now a confirmation dialog is shown

Refactoring If you rename or move files or projects used in Hibernate Console Configuration we now provide the option to update these configurations.