Hibernate tools 3.3.0.CR2 What's New

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Hibernate Tools are using Hibernate 3.3.2

Hibernate Tools where moved to use Hibernate 3.3.2 instead of Hibernate 3.1.2.

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Ability to close Hibernate Console Configuration

When console configuration are open with a SessionFactory it can keep a connection open and on Windows it can cause lock on jar files if you use the Sun JDK. Previously only a restart would release these properly, now there is a "Close Configuration" option to release the connection and unlock jars explicitely.

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Unify interface

Now "Generate Hibernate/JPA annotations" refactoring and "Hibernate XML Mapping file (hbm.xml)" wizard uses the same UI and search mechanism to find which classes to generate annotations or hbm.xml files for.

Preview of hbm.xml

Because of the UI unification you can now preview what files will be generated for the hbm.xml to be generated.

"Hibernate XML Mapping file (hbm.xml)" wizard page 3

Depth Control

There is now a "depth control" when selecting classes/packages to specify how deep the wizard should follow associations.

By default there is no maximum set, but if that gathers too much you can set it to the wished depth or simply set it to 0 (zero) to only include the classes or package you explicitly selected.

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Filter empty packages

'Add Package' dialog no longer show empty packages.

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JPA Projects

Persistence XML editor

'Browse' button changed to 'Setup' which allows to select an existing configuration file or create a new one.

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Code Generation Configurations

The code generation configurations are now updated when you rename related folders/files. Output directory, Template directory, and reverse engineering file paths will updated when the refactoring/renaming occur.

The optional output directory set for an exporter are also updated.

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Query Editing

Stick results to one tab

You can now make the query editors reuse the same query result tab (be "sticky") "sticky" with respect to some tab in "Hibernate Query Result" view

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Rename query result tab

You can now set the tab name for a query result.

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Diagram Viewer

Properties for selected item

Association properties

Class mapping properties

Diagram properties

Entity properties

Foreign key constraint properties

Property mapping properties

Table properties

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