Hibernate tools 3.4.0.Beta2 What's New

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Hibernate 3.5/JPA 2

Hibernate tools plugins were moved to use Hibernate 3.5.6.Final where it before used Hibernate 3.3.2.GA. This were done to primarily remove the problems users using JPA 2 annotations were having since Hibernate 3.3 could not parse these settings.

This update should not affect users of older versions of Hibernate since Hibernate is backwards compatible when it comes to configuration setup - but in case you see some new/wrong/unexpected behavior in Hibernate Tools this update might explain it. Please report issues found in jira so we can be aware of any problems found.

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Query Editor

Query Parameters

It is possible now to enter list parameter value for named parameters. This is useful for example in this HQL query "select from test.Article a where a.id in (:param)".

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