jBPM Tools 3.2.0.M1 What's New

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jbpm 3.x

Multiple Processes

It is now possible to create multiple processes in one folder using the normal process creation wizard. To allow this, we had to change the name of the created graphical info file. The new layout is illustrated in the screenshot below.

jBPM Menu

We added a top level 'jBPM' menu for the jBPM 3 process files. In this menu you will find the 'Show Grid' entry that used to be available in 'View' menu which has been removed. The actions to deploy a process archive, to test the connection to a jBPM server and to save a deployment archive locally have been added to the new 'jBPM' menu. These actions are not available anymore on the deployment page. The menu is illustrated on the screenshot below.

Deployment Page

The deployment page has been completely revised. There are now separate fields for the three most important files that are usually included in a deployment archive: the process file, the graphical info file and the process image. Additional files and/or classes and resources can be added from the workspace. Finally, the deployment credentials and server information can be specified as before. The different actions to deploy, ping the server and save the deployment archive have been moved to the new jBPM menu mentioned earlier.

On the image above you see a typical project layout which is referenced from the deployment page illustrated below.

jbpm 4

Foreach Activity

Our jBPM 4 editor now contains the possibility to add and edit the properties of a so-called 'Foreach' activity. This is a special kind of fork that will spawn a new branch of execution for each element of a specified collection. The new element is illustrated below.