JMX Tools 1.2.0.CR1 - New and Noteworthy

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JMX Support for AS 7.x!

Support for JBoss AS 7.x has been completed for this release. Functionally, it will look exactly as it does for AS 6 and below. When you start a server from the JBoss Servers view, and once the startup completes, the MBean Explorer view will attempt to connect to the newly started server. Several errors in the core JMX plugins were fixed to allow this.

As always, double-clicking on any mbean will allow it to open the editor for that bean

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Small bugs were fixed as well. Expanding a node in the MBean Explorer will now use one connection to load the entire tree, rather than using a new connection for each MBean request. Also, the editor was unable to handle an operation result of type java.lang.Boolean, which caused errors in the UI for users. A few other small optimizations too place as well.

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