Seam tools 3.2.0.Beta1 What's New

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Quick Fixes

Duplicate component name

Two quick fixes are available now for duplicate component names:
1. Rename the duplicate component name
2. Delete @Name annotation

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Stateful component w/o @Remove/@Destroy method.

@Remove/@Destroy methods can be added via Quick Fix menu

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Stateful/Entity component with wrong scope

Quick Fix for wrong scope type of a Statful/Entity component is now available.

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Duplicate component methods

Quick Fixes for duplicate @Remove, @Destroy, @Create and @Unwrap methods are available.

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Unsupported @Destroy method

Only JavaBeans and stateful session beans support @Destroy methods. So a Quick Fix for components that don't support @Destroy method is now avalible.

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Unsupported @Create/@Unwrap/@Observer method

Only component class can have @Create/@Unwrap/@Observer method. The following Quick Fixes for such classes with unsupported methods are now avalible:
1. Add @Name annotation to the class
2. Delete @Create/@Unwrap/@Observer annotation

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view-id validation in pages.xml

"view-id" attributes in pages.xml will now be validated.

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