Seam tools 3.2.0.Beta2 What's New

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Quick Fixes

Missing setter method for the property

If the setter method for a property defined in components.xml is missing then this setter can be created via Quick Fix menu:

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Missing Seam runtime

Two quick fixes are available now for missing Seam runtimes:
1. Rename the Seam runtime via Seam Settings Page
2. Add missing runtime

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view-id validation in pages.xml

"view-id" validation has been improved. The following attributes are now validated:
- <pages no-conversation-view-id="" login-view-id="">
- <page view-id="" no-conversation-view-id="">
- <render view-id="">

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@Import annotations

Seam validator will take into accaunt @Import annotations to resolve context variable names for bijections.

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