What's New Visual Page Editor 3.1.0.CR1

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XULRunner 1.9

Visual Editor is now based on Mozilla Xulrunner

This means better performance, a lot of bugfixes and greater portability allowing us to support more platforms in the future.

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Visual Page Editor on OSX Cocoa 32-bit

Visual Editor is available on OS X (Snow Leopard) Cocoa 32-bit version.

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JSF2 Composite UI Components Support

Composite UI Component Rendering

Visual Editor can now render Composite UI components from classpath and Web root 'resources' folder.

It also supports rendering for parameters in custom tags.

VPE JSF2 composition support

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JSF 2.0 attributes

Support for JSF 2.0 attributes has been added to VPE. VPE processes attributes for jsf 2 custom tags.

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Facelets taglib import to Palette

Now Facelets taglib can be imported to Palette View

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Seam PDF tags

Seam PDF tags support has been added to VPE

VPE Seam PDF tag support

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Seam Mail tags

Seam mail tags support has been added to VPE

VPE Seam Mail tag support

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You can now zoom in and out out the visual page editor via the shortcut menu or keyboard shortcuts (see screenshot).

VPE Zoom dialog

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Selection bar

The children tags now continue to be available in the selection bar when you have selected parent. Allowing you to iterate back and forth in the hiearchy.

VPE Selection Bar

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Memory usage

A memory leak were identified and fixed so now the VPE uses much less memory when opening/closing many files.

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Internal toolbar

Visual editor toolbar have been redesigned so it now has new icons and three new buttons:

  • Show/hide none-visual tags
  • Show/hide text formatting toolbar
  • Show/hide selection bar

VPE Selection Bar

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