What's New Visual Page Editor 3.2.0.M1

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Quick Fixes for JSF Composite components

There is now quick fixes to easily create and edit composite components while editing JSF 2 documents.

  • Quick fix to create JSF 2 composite folder:

    Create JSF 2 Composite Folder

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  • Quick fix to create JSF 2 composite component:

    Create JSF 2 Composite Component

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  • Quick fix to create attributes in JSF 2 compsite component:

    Create attribute in JSF 2 Composite Component

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CSS Selector dialog updates

The CSS Dialog now allow multiple classes to be selected and moved between the two columns via either the arrow buttons, keyboard or drag'n'drop.

In addition you can change the order of selected classes by moving them up and down.

Css Selector

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Import/Export for VPE visual templates

VPE visual templates for custom tags can now be exported and from a file

Stored Tags List

This allows you to share templates between team members.

Select wizard


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Enhanced Drag&Drop Support Drag & Drop in the Visual page editor is now more reliable and easier. The drop indicator will now be shown in all drop locations available.

VPE Drag&Drop

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Externalize Strings Dialog

There is now and Externalize String Dialog for JSF/XHTML pages. Text strings will now be externalized to a resource bundle and the expression will be rendered via an EL expression. Allowing for easier i18n.

Externalize Strings Dialog

The dialog is available from the VPE toolbar or from the context menu.

Externalize Strings Dialog

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New templates for JBPM Visual Page Editor now supports jBPM 3 tags such as jbpm:dataform, jbpm:datacell, tf:cancelButton, tf:saveButton; tf:transitionButton

JBPM Templates

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