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Chapter 21. Development Mode

21.1. How to enable the development mode
21.1.1. Web application
21.1.2. Weld SE
21.1.3. Is The Development Mode Enabled?
21.2. Development Tools
21.2.1. Probe

Weld comes with a special mode for application development. When enabled, certain built-in tools which facilitate the development of CDI applications, are available.


The development mode should not be used in production as it may have negative impact on the performance of the application. Make sure to disable the development mode before deploying to production.


Not all environments and containers may support the development mode and all tools. Check the tools details and the container documentation.

This tool allows to inspect the application CDI components at runtime. See also the demo application hosted on OpenShift.

JSON data are available through the REST API, eventually (if JMX support is enabled) through the MXBean of name org.jboss.weld.probe:type=JsonData,context=ID where ID should be replaced with an idenfitier of an application.

However, a default UI - HTML client (single-page application) is only available in a web application at {webappContextPath}/weld-probe, e.g. http://localhost:8080/weld-numberguess/weld-probe.

Right now, the integration is provided for WildFly (unofficial patch), Tomcat and Jetty (Weld Servlet) and Weld SE.


There are some configuration properties which allow to tune or disable Probe features, e.g. to limit the set of components which will be monitored. See also Section 19.1.9, “Development Mode”.