XNIO version 1.0.0.GA

Package org.jboss.xnio

The main API package for XNIO.


Interface Summary
BufferAllocator<T extends Buffer> An allocator for buffers.
ChannelSource<T extends Channel> A channel source.
CloseableChannelSource<T extends Channel> A channel source that is closeable.
CloseableConnector<A,T extends ConnectedChannel<A>> A connector that is closeable.
CloseableTcpClient A TCP client that is closeable.
CloseableTcpConnector A TCP connector that is closeable.
ConfigurableFactory<T> A factory which produces an instance based on a configuration.
Connector<A,T extends ConnectedChannel<A>> A connector.
IoFuture<T> The future result of an asynchronous request.
IoFuture.Notifier<T> A notifier that handles changes in the status of an IoFuture.
IoHandler<T extends Channel> A channel I/O handler.
IoHandlerFactory<T extends Channel> A factory for I/O handlers.
TcpClient A client specifically for connecting to TCP remote servers.
TcpConnector A connector specifically for connecting to TCP servers.

Class Summary
AbstractIoFuture<T> An abstract base class for IoFuture objects.
Buffers Buffer utility methods.
ConnectionAddress<A> An immutable pair of addresses that define the two endpoints of a connection.
FailedIoFuture<T> An implementation of IoFuture that represents an immediately-failed operation.
FinishedIoFuture<T> An implementation of IoFuture that represents an immediately-successful operation.
IoUtils General I/O utility methods.
Version The version class.
Xnio An XNIO provider for a standalone application.

Enum Summary
IoFuture.Status The current status of an asynchronous operation.

Package org.jboss.xnio Description

The main API package for XNIO. In addition to interfaces that are used and implemented by users of XNIO, this package contains several utility classes which, while not required to write an XNIO application, simplify boilerplate tasks associated with low-level I/O operations.

XNIO version 1.0.0.GA

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