XNIO version 1.2.1.GA

Package org.jboss.xnio.channels

Defines an enhanced set of channels.


Interface Summary
AllocatedMessageChannel A channel that sends and receives whole messages.
BoundChannel<A> A channel that is bound to a local address.
BoundServer<A,T extends BoundChannel<A>> A server that is bound to a local address.
ChannelOption<T> An option that may be applied to a channel.
Configurable A channel that has parameters that may be configured while the channel is open.
ConnectedChannel<A> A channel that has a local and peer endpoint address.
ConnectedStreamChannel<A> A stream channel that is a connection between a local and remote endpoint.
DatagramChannel<A> A channel that sends and receives datagrams.
MessageChannel A channel that sends and receives whole messages.
MultipointDatagramChannel<A> A multipoint datagram channel.
MultipointMessageChannel<A> A point-to-multipoint message channel.
MultipointReadableMessageChannel<A> The readable side of a multipoint message channel.
MultipointReadResult<A> The result of a multipoint message read.
MultipointWritableMessageChannel<A> The writable side of a multipoint message channel.
ReadableAllocatedMessageChannel A channel that can receive messages.
ReadableMessageChannel A channel that can receive messages.
StreamChannel A stream channel.
StreamSinkChannel A stream sink channel.
StreamSourceChannel A stream source channel.
SuspendableChannel A suspendable bidirectional channel.
SuspendableReadChannel A suspendable readable channel.
SuspendableWriteChannel A suspendable writable channel.
TcpChannel A TCP channel.
UdpChannel A UDP channel.
UdpChannel.Key A registration key for a multicast group.
WritableMessageChannel A channel that can send messages.

Class Summary
ChannelInputStream An input stream which reads from a stream source channel.
ChannelOutputStream An output stream which writes to a stream sink channel.
Channels A utility class containing static methods to convert from one channel type to another.
CommonOptions Common channel options.
PlainChannelOption<T> A plain channel option implementation.

Exception Summary
UnsupportedOptionException An exception that is thrown when an invalid option is specified for a Configurable.

Package org.jboss.xnio.channels Description

Defines an enhanced set of channels. A channel is an abstraction representing a means of performing data transfer between processes and systems.

The channels provided by this package are extended beyond the basic NIO channels, including special channel types for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint message-oriented channels, multicast support, and generalized support for stream channels (such as serial ports).

In addition, these channels provide a simplified alternative to selectors by way of the SuspendableChannel interface. Rather than associating a channel with a selector, and subsequently imposing complex locking and usage restrictions on that association, you simply define a handler which informs the channel when the handler is ready to handle reads or writes on the channel.

See java.nio.channels for more information about channels.

XNIO version 1.2.1.GA

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