Package org.jboss.cache.interceptors

Interface Summary
ActivationInterceptorMBean Interface capturing activation statistics
CacheLoaderInterceptorMBean Interface capturing cache loader load statistics
CacheMgmtInterceptorMBean Interface capturing basic cache management statistics
CacheStoreInterceptorMBean Interface capturing cache loader statistics
InterceptorMBean Interface containing common cache management operations
InvalidationInterceptorMBean Interface capturing invalidation statistics
PassivationInterceptorMBean Interface capturing passivation statistics
TxInterceptorMBean Interface capturing transaction statistics

Class Summary
ActivationInterceptor Loads nodes that don't exist at the time of the call into memory from the CacheLoader.
BaseCacheLoaderInterceptor asbtract superclass for cache loader and cache store interceptors.
BaseInterceptor Provides a base interceptor class that can be instantiated.
BaseRpcInterceptor Acts as a base for all RPC calls - subclassed by ReplicationInterceptor and OptimisticReplicationInterceptor.
CacheLoaderInterceptor Loads nodes that don't exist at the time of the call into memory from the CacheLoader
CacheMgmtInterceptor Captures cache management statistics
CacheStoreInterceptor Writes modifications back to the store on the way out: stores modifications back through the CacheLoader, either after each method call (no TXs), or at TX commit.
CallInterceptor Always at the end of the chain, directly in front of the cache.
CreateIfNotExistsInterceptor Deprecated. This code is not used anymore and will be removed in a future release
DataGravitatorInterceptor The Data Gravitator is a type of cache loader that queries the cluster for data.
EvictionInterceptor Eviction Interceptor.
Interceptor Class representing an interceptor.
InvalidationInterceptor This interceptor acts as a replacement to the replication interceptor when the TreeCache is configured with ClusteredSyncMode as INVALIDATE.
OptimisticCreateIfNotExistsInterceptor Used to make copies of nodes from the main tree into the TransactionWorkspace as and when needed.
OptimisticInterceptor Abstract interceptor for optimistic locking
OptimisticLockingInterceptor Locks nodes during transaction boundaries
OptimisticNodeInterceptor Operations on nodes are done on the copies that exist in the workspace rather than passed down to the CallInterceptor
OptimisticReplicationInterceptor Replication interceptor for the optimistically locked interceptor chain
OptimisticValidatorInterceptor Validates the data in the transaction workspace against data in the actual cache (versions only), and then performs commits if necessary.
OrderedSynchronizationHandler Maintains a list of Synchronization handlers.
PassivationInterceptor Writes evicted nodes back to the store on the way in through the CacheLoader, either before each method call (no TXs), or at TX commit.
PessimisticLockInterceptor An interceptor that handles locking.
ReplicationInterceptor Takes care of replicating modifications to other nodes in a cluster.
TxInterceptor This interceptor is the new default at the head of all interceptor chains, and makes transactional attributes available to all interceptors in the chain.
UnlockInterceptor When a call returns, unlocks all locks held by the current thread in the LockTable.

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