Package org.jboss.cache.loader

Interface Summary
CacheLoader A CacheLoader implementation persists and load keys to and from secondary storage, such as a database or filesystem.
CacheLoaderAop Responsible for storing and retrieving objects to/from secondary storage.
ExtendedCacheLoader Extends the CacheLoader interface by adding methods to support serialized transfer of a portion of a cache tree.

Class Summary
AsyncCacheLoader The AsyncCacheLoader is a delegating cache loader that passes on all operations to an underlying CacheLoader.
AsyncExtendedCacheLoader Extends AsyncCacheLoader to supply additional ExtendedCacheLoader methods.
CacheLoaderManager Manages all cache loader funxtionality.
ChainingCacheLoader This decorator is used whenever more than one cache loader is configured.
ClusteredCacheLoader A cache loader that consults other members in the cluster for values.
DelegatingCacheLoader CacheLoader implementation which delegates to another TreeCache.
FileCacheLoader Simple file-based CacheLoader implementation.
FileExtendedCacheLoader Deprecated. FileCacheLoader now implements ExtendedCacheLoader so this class adds nothing to it and will be removed in 2.0.
JDBCCacheLoader JDBC CacheLoader implementation.
JDBCExtendedCacheLoader A A JDBCCacheLoader that implements ExtendedCacheLoader.
LocalDelegatingCacheLoader DelegatingCacheLoader implementation which delegates to a local (in the same VM) TreeCache.
NodeData Serializable representation of the data of a node (FQN and attributes)
RmiDelegatingCacheLoader DelegatingCacheLoader implementation which delegates to a remote (not in the same VM) TreeCache using the Java RMI mechanism.
RpcDelegatingCacheLoader DelegatingCacheLoader implementation which delegates to a remote (not in the same VM) TreeCache using JGroups' RPC mechanism.
SharedStoreCacheLoader CacheLoader proxy used only when multiple CacheLoaders in a cluster access the same underlying store (e.g.

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