Package org.jboss.soa.esb.listeners.message

Interface Summary

Class Summary
AbstractListener Base class for listener implementations which will be responsible for implementing some sort of blocking receive whithin the run() method.
AbstractPassiveListener Base class to be implmented by listener implementations which use a channel implementation doing the listening stuff like periodically receiving on a queue.
ActionProcessingPipeline Action Processing Pipeline.
CbrJmsQueueListener Esb Message aware Content Based Router JMS queue listener.
EsbListenerController Controlling class that will launch 'message aware' listener child threads for supported transport listener classes, as indicated in the configuration XML tree used in the constructor If you use the 'main' method, configuration file is expected in arg[0]

Can be launched as uppermost controller (it has a main(args) method)

Also implements Runnable, and can thus be launched in a child thread from an upper controlling process

Listens on a JMS queue (with an optional message selector) for commands (e.g.

HttpListener Http listener implementation using the JBoss Remoting channel.
JmsQueueListener Esb Message aware JMS queue listener.

Enum Summary