Package org.jboss.soa.esb.listeners.old

Class Summary
AbstractListener Base abstract listener implementation.
AbstractPassiveListener Base class to be implmented by listener implementations which use a channel implementation doing the listening stuff like periodically receiving on a queue.
AbstractPoller Abstract Polling Listener.
DirectoryPoller.WorkingFile Working file.
GpListener Controlling class that will launch listener child threads for supported transport listener classes, as indicated in the configuration XML tree pointed by arg[0]

Can be launched as uppermost controller (it has a main(args) method)

Also implements Runnable, and can thus be launched in a child thread from an upper controlling process

Listens on a JMS queue (with an optional message selector) for commands (e.g.

RemoteDirectoryPoller.WorkingFile Working file.
SqlTablePoller SqlTablePoller class The SQL table that is polled should have 1) a unique key (see "keyFields" parameter) that will be used to update status 2) a column to indicate the "processing status" of this trigger row (see ROW_STATE enum) Each retrieved row (see OPTIONAL_ATT.whereCondition) should be considered as a trigger that is intended to instantiate an object of "actionClass".

Enum Summary
SqlTablePoller.OPTIONAL_ATT Optional fields that can be included in your parameter tree as attributes in the upper Element 1) 4 character long String that indicate status of each row for this poller 1st: Character that indicates "Pending" state = available for processing 2nd: "Working" : some poller is working on the row (or ab-ended while working) 3rd: "Error" : some poller tried to process, and found an error during processing 4th: "Done" : this row has already been processed successfully 2) if you wish to further filter your ResultSet, you can add an optional list of conditions that will be included in the "scan" SQL statement (without "where") 3) Comma separated list of fields to order ResultSet (without "order by")
SqlTablePoller.ROW_STATE First character of these values are the default states of a table row trigger the "inProcessVals" parameter can override these (if that were ever necessary) this is why the default value for that parameter is "PWED" (see below) The poller will only process rows that have the "inProcessField" first character equal to the first character of whatever the "Pending" state is (typically "P")
SqlTablePoller.TABLE_ATT Mandatory attributes needed for SqlTablePoller 1) Table name 2) Comma separated list of fields needed in the ResultSet 3) Comma separated list of fields that constitute a unique ID of the working row all fields in this list MUST also be in the "selectFields" list these fields will be used in the "where" clause of update statements 4) Name of table field used as indicator/semaphore to avoid concurrent update