Marshalling API version 1.0.0.Beta2

Package org.jboss.marshalling

The marshalling API.


Interface Summary
ByteInput An input stream of bytes.
ByteOutput An output stream of bytes.
ClassResolver A class annotater and resolver.
ClassTable A lookup mechanism for predefined classes.
ClassTable.Writer The class writer for a specific class.
Creator An instance creator.
Externalizer A replacement serializer for an object class.
ExternalizerFactory A factory for locating custom externalizers.
Marshaller An object marshaller for writing objects to byte streams.
MarshallerFactory The main marshaller factory.
ObjectResolver Resolver for substituting objects in a stream.
ObjectTable A lookup mechanism for predefined object references.
ObjectTable.Writer The object writer for a specific object.
StreamHeader A producer of stream headers.
Unmarshaller An unmarshaller which reads objects from a stream.

Class Summary
AbstractClassResolver A base implementation of ClassResolver which simply resolves the class against a classloader which is specified by the subclass implementation.
AbstractExternalizer An externalizer base class which handles object creation in a default fashion.
AbstractMarshaller An abstract implementation of the Marshaller interface.
AbstractMarshallerFactory An abstract implementation of the MarshallerFactory interface.
AbstractUnmarshaller An abstract implementation of the Unmarshaller interface.
Configuration A Marshaller configuration.
ContextClassResolver A class resolver which uses the context classloader to resolve classes.
MarshallerObjectInputStream A marshaller's object input stream.
MarshallerObjectOutputStream A marshaller's object output stream.
Marshalling Static utility methods for simplfying use of marshallers.
SimpleClassResolver A class resolver which uses a predefined classloader.
UTFUtils Handy utility methods for dealing with strings in the modified UTF-8 format.
Version The version of the Marshalling API.

Package org.jboss.marshalling Description

The marshalling API. Marshalling is done by use of Marshaller and Unmarshaller instances. These instances are acquired from a MarshallerFactory using a Configuration to configure them. The default implementation is the River protocol, usable by way of the org.jboss.river package.

Marshalling API version 1.0.0.Beta2

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