Interface LanguageObject

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AbstractCaseExpression, AbstractCompareCriteria, AbstractSetCriteria, AggregateSymbol, AliasSymbol, AllInGroupSymbol, AllSymbol, AssignmentStatement, AtomicCriteria, BatchedUpdateCommand, BetweenCriteria, Block, BreakStatement, CaseExpression, Command, CommandStatement, CompareCriteria, CompoundCriteria, Constant, ContinueStatement, Create, CreateUpdateProcedureCommand, Criteria, CriteriaSelector, DeclareStatement, Delete, DependentSetCriteria, Drop, DynamicCommand, ElementSymbol, ExistsCriteria, ExpressionSymbol, From, FromClause, Function, GroupBy, GroupSymbol, HasCriteria, IfStatement, Insert, Into, IsNullCriteria, JoinPredicate, JoinType, Limit, LogicalCriteria, LoopStatement, MatchCriteria, MultipleElementSymbol, NotCriteria, Option, OrderBy, PredicateCriteria, ProcedureContainer, Query, QueryCommand, RaiseErrorStatement, Reference, ScalarSubquery, SearchedCaseExpression, Select, SelectSymbol, SetClause, SetClauseList, SetCriteria, SetQuery, SingleElementSymbol, Statement, StoredProcedure, SubqueryCompareCriteria, SubqueryFromClause, SubquerySetCriteria, Symbol, TranslateCriteria, UnaryFromClause, Update, WhileStatement, XQuery

public interface LanguageObject
extends, java.lang.Cloneable

This is the primary interface for all language objects. It extends a few key interfaces and adds some additional methods to allow the LanguageVisitor to work.

Method Summary
 void acceptVisitor(LanguageVisitor visitor)
          Method for accepting a visitor.
 java.lang.Object clone()
          Implement clone to make objects cloneable.

Method Detail


void acceptVisitor(LanguageVisitor visitor)
Method for accepting a visitor. It is the responsibility of the language object to call back on the visitor.

visitor - Visitor being used


java.lang.Object clone()
Implement clone to make objects cloneable.

Deep clone of this object

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