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Chapter 6. Importers

6.1. Import Archive File
6.2. Import From File System
6.3. Import From JDBC
6.4. Import Metadata From Text File
6.4.1. Import Relational Tables Text Importer
6.4.2. Import Relational Virtual Tables Text Importer
6.4.3. Import Relationships Text Importer
6.4.4. Import Datatypes Text Importer
6.5. Import WSDL as Relational Source
6.6. Import WSDL Into Web Service
6.6.1. Import WSDL From Workspace Location
6.6.2. Import WSDL From File System Location
6.6.3. Import WSDL From URL
6.7. XML Schema as Relational Source
6.8. XSD Schema File
6.9. Import Rational Rose Model

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The Import Wizard provides a means to create a model based on the structure of a data source, to convert existing metadata (i.e. WSDL or XML Schema) into a source model or to load existing metadata files into the current VDB.

To launch the Import Wizard, choose the File > Import action or select a project, folder or model in the tree and right-click choose "Import..."

Import Wizard

Figure 6.1. Import Wizard

In addition to creating relational source models by importing your metadata (Import Relational Data ) you can also turn your WSDL into relational models.

You can create a Web Service model by selecting a WSDL file in your workspace, importing WSDL files from the file system or by defining a URL. The Designer will interpret the WSDL, locate any associated or dependent XML Schema files, generate an XML View of the schema components and create a Web Service model representing the interfaces and operations defined in the WSDL.

Detailed steps for each of these options is described below, as well as a description of how the wizard handles WSDL errors.

In addition to creating relational source models by importing your metadata you can also turn your existing XML Schema into relational source or view models. You can create XML View models using the steps below.

The Designer provides an option to an importer for files exported from Rational Rose versions 2000 and 2001.

The importer creates UML models in the workspace. Supported structural features of UML will be defined by the UMLClasses Metamodel Project. The content of the Rose model file that matches these supported features of the UML metamodel are imported.

The importer allows for subsequent re-importing of the Rose model file which will incorporate changes into the UML model. Any properties of the supported UML constructs that are unique to your use of Rose are implemented using the Designer's metadata extension functionality.