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UI Areas to be Fixed

Start Page

This is going away. Replaced by a working dashboard.


This will be replaced by a new and improved dashboard system.


  • Multiple dashboards per user

  • Dashboards can be shared between users (and configured by admins)

  • Dashboards are completely customizable sets of columnar portlets

  • New portlets will be created for important stuff

    • Saved search display (see below)

    • Graphs of metrics

    • Multiples of each portlet

    • Perspective specifc portlets

    • "Subsystem views" portlets

Saved Searches

The browse resources section will be replaced by a Saved Searches section. This section will allow one to perform advanced (DynaSearch) search queries to find resources and allow for customization of the columns displayed. Once searched these searches can be saved to "My Searches" area in the search nav on the left. They can also be shared with other users into a "Global Searches" section.

DynaSearch will be advanced with better conditionals, simpler syntax and advanced fuzzy related info search. e.g. Find me all JBoss AS instances that have alerts on any of their descendent resources in the last 8 hours.

Search Requirements

  • Search by descendent info

  • Search by alert info

  • Search by OOB info

  • Search by config changes

  • Search by content changes

  • Search by Available content updates and errata

  • Search by host info

Result Requirements

  • Columnar display will take into account the Design - Resource Naming proposal

  • Columns can include related data (alerts, config changes, metrics, traits, availability)

Creating Searched Requirements

  • See elsewhere for adding "modes" and "filters"

Save Requirements

  • Left nav "My Searches" section can be customized with personal searches and bookmarked global searches to allow a user to only have to worry about the searches that are important to them

  • Permisioning needed on global search management

  • Left Nav search lists will display counts of matching resources

  • Clone and alter saved searches

  • Share you private search to global

Search Context Requirements

  • After searching and clicking on a found resource, the search context will be remembered and allow you to click "Return to Search" as well as click next or previous links to jump to relative resources in the search. It will also show where you are (Resource 43 out of 87).

  • Search context is remembered as long as you remain on the same resource (or perhaps it stays forever and you click "x" to remove)

  • Browsing back to the Search System, the system will remember where you where in the navigation, reselecting the last saved search selected

Platform Tree Cleanup

As listed elsewhere, make the platform tree consistent.

Common Pattern Problems

  • Standards on workflow look & feel (wizards)

Pages that are currently in Struts

  • Start page

  • Dashboards

  • System Administration

  • Alerts

  • Security setup (user + role)

  • Group management

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