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RHQ 4.5


This is the documentation for RHQ 4.5 and earlier

The RHQ project is a systems management suite that provides extensible and integrated systems management for multiple products and platforms across a set of core features such as:

  • monitoring and graphing of values

  • alerting on error conditions

  • remote configuration of managed resources

  • remote operation execution

  • provisioning of software onto managed machines

  • detection of changed files

The project is designed with layered modules that provide a flexible architecture for deployment. It delivers a core user interface that provides audited and historical management across an entire enterprise.

A Server/Agent architecture provides remote management and plugins implement all specific support for managed products.

RHQ is an open source project licensed under the GPL, with some pieces individually licensed under a dual GPL/LGPL license to facilitate the integration with extended packages (now included in RHQ) and Embedded Jopr.

RHQ is also the main upstream community project for the JBoss Operations Network product, a key component of Red Hat's JBoss managed offerings.


Contact us:

Email: user-list
Irc: #rhq on freenode (web frontend here)
Twitter: @rhq_project


We are looking forward to your contributions - if you want to contribute, have a look at the Contributions page on how and where to contribute. Check the Roadmap page for project ideas

Videos collection, User documentation & Blogs

We have now a dedicated page that lists videos related to RHQ: Videos
Click here to browse the end user documentation
The blog entries of the RHQ developers are aggregated at Planet JBoss.

Latest RHQ release: 4.4.0 (Git Branch:RHQ-4.4.0 )
For more RHQ announcements or milestones, see the public RHQ calendar

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