OptaPlanner core 6.2.0.CR2

Interface SelectionSorter<T>

All Known Implementing Classes:
ComparatorSelectionSorter, WeightFactorySelectionSorter

public interface SelectionSorter<T>

Decides the order of a List of selection (which is a PlanningEntity, a planningValue, a Move or a Selector).

Method Summary
 void sort(ScoreDirector scoreDirector, List<T> selectionList)

Method Detail


void sort(ScoreDirector scoreDirector,
          List<T> selectionList)
scoreDirector - never null, the ScoreDirector which has the ScoreDirector.getWorkingSolution() to which the selections belong or apply to
selectionList - never null, a List of PlanningEntity, planningValue, Move or Selector

OptaPlanner core 6.2.0.CR2

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