OptaPlanner core 6.2.0.CR2

Interface SelectionSorterWeightFactory<Sol extends Solution,T>

All Known Subinterfaces:
PlanningEntity.NullDifficultyWeightFactory, PlanningVariable.NullStrengthWeightFactory

public interface SelectionSorterWeightFactory<Sol extends Solution,T>

Creates a weight to decide the order of a collections of selections (a selection is a PlanningEntity, a planningValue, a Move or a Selector). The selections are then sorted by their weight, normally ascending unless its configured descending.

Method Summary
 Comparable createSorterWeight(Sol solution, T selection)

Method Detail


Comparable createSorterWeight(Sol solution,
                              T selection)
solution - never null, the Solution to which the selection belongs or applies to
selection - never null, a PlanningEntity, a planningValue, a Move or a Selector
never null, for example a Integer, Double or a more complex Comparable

OptaPlanner core 6.2.0.CR2

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