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Chapter 11. Dispatchers

11.1. SimpleDispatcher
11.2. AsyncDispatcher

Dispatchers encapsulate the strategy for taking messages that need to be delivered somewhere and seeing that they are delivered to where they need to go. There are two primary implementations that are provided with Errai, depending on your needs.

SimpleDispatcher is basic implementation that provides no asychronous delivery mechanism. Rather, when you configure the Errai to use this implementation, messages are delivered to their endpoints synchronously. The incoming HTTP thread will be held open until the messages are delivered.

While this sounds like it has almost no advantages, especially in terms of scalablity. Using the SimpleDispatcher can be far preferable when you're developing your application, as any errors and stack traces will be far more easily traced and some cloud services may not permit the use of threads in any case.

The AsyncDispatcher provides full asynchronous delivery of messages. When this dispatcher is used, HTTP threads will have control immediately returned upon dispatch of the message. This dispatcher provides far more efficient use of resources in high-load applications, and will significantly decrease memory and thread usage overall.