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Packages that use CacheConcurrencyStrategy
org.hibernate.cache This package defines APIs/SPIs and implementations for the Hibernate second-level cache. 

Uses of CacheConcurrencyStrategy in org.hibernate.cache

Classes in org.hibernate.cache that implement CacheConcurrencyStrategy
 class NonstrictReadWriteCache
          Caches data that is sometimes updated without ever locking the cache.
 class ReadOnlyCache
          Caches data that is never updated.
 class ReadWriteCache
          Caches data that is sometimes updated while maintaining the semantics of "read committed" isolation level.
 class TransactionalCache
          Support for fully transactional cache implementations like JBoss TreeCache.

Uses of CacheConcurrencyStrategy in org.hibernate.cache.impl.bridge

Constructors in org.hibernate.cache.impl.bridge with parameters of type CacheConcurrencyStrategy
CollectionAccessStrategyAdapter(CollectionRegion region, CacheConcurrencyStrategy ccs, Settings settings)
EntityAccessStrategyAdapter(EntityRegion region, CacheConcurrencyStrategy ccs, Settings settings)

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