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Packages that use Criterion
org.hibernate This package defines the central Hibernate APIs. 
org.hibernate.criterion A framework for defining restriction criteria and order criteria. 
org.hibernate.impl This package contains implementations of the central Hibernate APIs, especially the Hibernate session. 

Uses of Criterion in org.hibernate

Methods in org.hibernate with parameters of type Criterion
 Criteria Criteria.add(Criterion criterion)
          Add a restriction to constrain the results to be retrieved.

Uses of Criterion in org.hibernate.criterion

Classes in org.hibernate.criterion that implement Criterion
 class AbstractEmptinessExpression
          Implementation of AbstractEmptinessExpression.
 class BetweenExpression
          Constrains a property to between two values
 class Conjunction
 class Disjunction
 class EmptyExpression
 class Example
          Support for query by example.
 class ExistsSubqueryExpression
 class IdentifierEqExpression
          An identifier constraint
 class IlikeExpression
          A case-insensitive "like"
 class InExpression
          Constrains the property to a specified list of values
 class Junction
          A sequence of a logical expressions combined by some associative logical operator
 class LikeExpression
          A criterion representing a "like" expression
 class LogicalExpression
          Superclass of binary logical expressions
 class NaturalIdentifier
 class NotEmptyExpression
 class NotExpression
          Negates another criterion
 class NotNullExpression
          Constrains a property to be non-null
 class NullExpression
          Constrains a property to be null
 class PropertyExpression
          superclass for comparisons between two properties (with SQL binary operators)
 class PropertySubqueryExpression
          A comparison between a property value in the outer query and the result of a subquery
 class SimpleExpression
          superclass for "simple" comparisons (with SQL binary operators)
 class SimpleSubqueryExpression
          A comparison between a constant value and the the result of a subquery
 class SizeExpression
 class SQLCriterion
          A SQL fragment.
 class SubqueryExpression

Methods in org.hibernate.criterion that return Criterion
static Criterion Restrictions.allEq(Map propertyNameValues)
          Apply an "equals" constraint to each property in the key set of a Map
 Criterion Property.between(Object min, Object max)
static Criterion Restrictions.between(String propertyName, Object lo, Object hi)
          Apply a "between" constraint to the named property
 Criterion Property.eq(DetachedCriteria subselect)
static Criterion Subqueries.eq(Object value, DetachedCriteria dc)
 Criterion Property.eqAll(DetachedCriteria subselect)
static Criterion Subqueries.eqAll(Object value, DetachedCriteria dc)
static Criterion Subqueries.exists(DetachedCriteria dc)
 Criterion subselect)
static Criterion value, DetachedCriteria dc)
 Criterion Property.geAll(DetachedCriteria subselect)
static Criterion Subqueries.geAll(Object value, DetachedCriteria dc)
 Criterion Property.geSome(DetachedCriteria subselect)
static Criterion Subqueries.geSome(Object value, DetachedCriteria dc)
 Criterion subselect)
static Criterion value, DetachedCriteria dc)
 Criterion Property.gtAll(DetachedCriteria subselect)
static Criterion Subqueries.gtAll(Object value, DetachedCriteria dc)
 Criterion Property.gtSome(DetachedCriteria subselect)
static Criterion Subqueries.gtSome(Object value, DetachedCriteria dc)
static Criterion Restrictions.idEq(Object value)
          Apply an "equal" constraint to the identifier property
static Criterion Restrictions.ilike(String propertyName, Object value)
          A case-insensitive "like", similar to Postgres ilike operator
static Criterion Restrictions.ilike(String propertyName, String value, MatchMode matchMode)
          A case-insensitive "like", similar to Postgres ilike operator
 Criterion values)
 Criterion subselect)
 Criterion[] values)
static Criterion value, DetachedCriteria dc)
static Criterion propertyName, Collection values)
          Apply an "in" constraint to the named property
static Criterion propertyName, Object[] values)
          Apply an "in" constraint to the named property
 Criterion Property.isEmpty()
static Criterion Restrictions.isEmpty(String propertyName)
          Constrain a collection valued property to be empty
 Criterion Property.isNotEmpty()
static Criterion Restrictions.isNotEmpty(String propertyName)
          Constrain a collection valued property to be non-empty
 Criterion Property.isNotNull()
static Criterion Restrictions.isNotNull(String propertyName)
          Apply an "is not null" constraint to the named property
 Criterion Property.isNull()
static Criterion Restrictions.isNull(String propertyName)
          Apply an "is null" constraint to the named property
 Criterion Property.le(DetachedCriteria subselect)
static Criterion Subqueries.le(Object value, DetachedCriteria dc)
 Criterion Property.leAll(DetachedCriteria subselect)
static Criterion Subqueries.leAll(Object value, DetachedCriteria dc)
 Criterion Property.leSome(DetachedCriteria subselect)
static Criterion Subqueries.leSome(Object value, DetachedCriteria dc)
 Criterion subselect)
static Criterion value, DetachedCriteria dc)
 Criterion Property.ltAll(DetachedCriteria subselect)
static Criterion Subqueries.ltAll(Object value, DetachedCriteria dc)
 Criterion Property.ltSome(DetachedCriteria subselect)
static Criterion Subqueries.ltSome(Object value, DetachedCriteria dc)
 Criterion subselect)
static Criterion value, DetachedCriteria dc)
static Criterion Restrictions.not(Criterion expression)
          Return the negation of an expression
static Criterion Subqueries.notExists(DetachedCriteria dc)
 Criterion Property.notIn(DetachedCriteria subselect)
static Criterion Subqueries.notIn(Object value, DetachedCriteria dc)
static Criterion Subqueries.propertyEq(String propertyName, DetachedCriteria dc)
static Criterion Subqueries.propertyEqAll(String propertyName, DetachedCriteria dc)
static Criterion Subqueries.propertyGe(String propertyName, DetachedCriteria dc)
static Criterion Subqueries.propertyGeAll(String propertyName, DetachedCriteria dc)
static Criterion Subqueries.propertyGeSome(String propertyName, DetachedCriteria dc)
static Criterion Subqueries.propertyGt(String propertyName, DetachedCriteria dc)
static Criterion Subqueries.propertyGtAll(String propertyName, DetachedCriteria dc)
static Criterion Subqueries.propertyGtSome(String propertyName, DetachedCriteria dc)
static Criterion Subqueries.propertyIn(String propertyName, DetachedCriteria dc)
static Criterion Subqueries.propertyLe(String propertyName, DetachedCriteria dc)
static Criterion Subqueries.propertyLeAll(String propertyName, DetachedCriteria dc)
static Criterion Subqueries.propertyLeSome(String propertyName, DetachedCriteria dc)
static Criterion Subqueries.propertyLt(String propertyName, DetachedCriteria dc)
static Criterion Subqueries.propertyLtAll(String propertyName, DetachedCriteria dc)
static Criterion Subqueries.propertyLtSome(String propertyName, DetachedCriteria dc)
static Criterion Subqueries.propertyNe(String propertyName, DetachedCriteria dc)
static Criterion Subqueries.propertyNotIn(String propertyName, DetachedCriteria dc)
static Criterion Restrictions.sizeEq(String propertyName, int size)
          Constrain a collection valued property by size
static Criterion Restrictions.sizeGe(String propertyName, int size)
          Constrain a collection valued property by size
static Criterion Restrictions.sizeGt(String propertyName, int size)
          Constrain a collection valued property by size
static Criterion Restrictions.sizeLe(String propertyName, int size)
          Constrain a collection valued property by size
static Criterion Restrictions.sizeLt(String propertyName, int size)
          Constrain a collection valued property by size
static Criterion Restrictions.sizeNe(String propertyName, int size)
          Constrain a collection valued property by size
static Criterion Expression.sql(String sql)
          Deprecated. use Restrictions.sqlRestriction(String)
static Criterion Expression.sql(String sql, Object[] values, Type[] types)
          Deprecated. use Restrictions.sqlRestriction(String, Object[], Type[])
static Criterion Expression.sql(String sql, Object value, Type type)
          Deprecated. use Restrictions.sqlRestriction(String, Object, Type)
static Criterion Restrictions.sqlRestriction(String sql)
          Apply a constraint expressed in SQL.
static Criterion Restrictions.sqlRestriction(String sql, Object[] values, Type[] types)
          Apply a constraint expressed in SQL, with the given JDBC parameters.
static Criterion Restrictions.sqlRestriction(String sql, Object value, Type type)
          Apply a constraint expressed in SQL, with the given JDBC parameter.

Methods in org.hibernate.criterion with parameters of type Criterion
 Junction Junction.add(Criterion criterion)
 DetachedCriteria DetachedCriteria.add(Criterion criterion)
static LogicalExpression Restrictions.and(Criterion lhs, Criterion rhs)
          Return the conjuction of two expressions
static Criterion Restrictions.not(Criterion expression)
          Return the negation of an expression
static LogicalExpression Restrictions.or(Criterion lhs, Criterion rhs)
          Return the disjuction of two expressions

Constructors in org.hibernate.criterion with parameters of type Criterion
LogicalExpression(Criterion lhs, Criterion rhs, String op)
NotExpression(Criterion criterion)

Uses of Criterion in org.hibernate.impl

Methods in org.hibernate.impl that return Criterion
 Criterion CriteriaImpl.CriterionEntry.getCriterion()

Methods in org.hibernate.impl with parameters of type Criterion
 Criteria CriteriaImpl.add(Criteria criteriaInst, Criterion expression)
 Criteria CriteriaImpl.add(Criterion expression)
 Criteria CriteriaImpl.Subcriteria.add(Criterion expression)

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