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Packages that use CaseFragment
org.hibernate.dialect This package abstracts the SQL dialect of the underlying database. 
org.hibernate.sql This package defines helper classes for rendering SQL fragments and SQL statements. 

Uses of CaseFragment in org.hibernate.dialect

Methods in org.hibernate.dialect that return CaseFragment
 CaseFragment MckoiDialect.createCaseFragment()
 CaseFragment OracleDialect.createCaseFragment()
 CaseFragment Oracle8iDialect.createCaseFragment()
          Map case support to the Oracle DECODE function.
 CaseFragment Oracle9iDialect.createCaseFragment()
 CaseFragment SAPDBDialect.createCaseFragment()
 CaseFragment RDMSOS2200Dialect.createCaseFragment()
 CaseFragment DerbyDialect.createCaseFragment()
          Return the case statement modified for Cloudscape.
 CaseFragment Dialect.createCaseFragment()
          Create a CaseFragment strategy responsible for handling this dialect's variations in how CASE statements are handled.

Uses of CaseFragment in org.hibernate.sql

Subclasses of CaseFragment in org.hibernate.sql
 class ANSICaseFragment
          An ANSI SQL CASE expression.
 class DecodeCaseFragment
          An Oracle-style DECODE function.
 class DerbyCaseFragment
 class HSQLCaseFragment
          The HSQL CASEWHEN function.
 class MckoiCaseFragment
          A Mckoi IF function.

Methods in org.hibernate.sql that return CaseFragment
 CaseFragment CaseFragment.addWhenColumnNotNull(String alias, String columnName, String value)
 CaseFragment CaseFragment.setReturnColumnName(String returnColumnName)
 CaseFragment CaseFragment.setReturnColumnName(String returnColumnName, String suffix)

Methods in org.hibernate.sql with parameters of type CaseFragment
 SelectFragment SelectFragment.setExtraSelectList(CaseFragment caseFragment, String fragmentAlias)

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