Package org.hibernate.ejb.criteria.expression

Interface Summary
BinaryOperatorExpression<T> Contract for operators with two operands.
UnaryOperatorExpression<T> Contract for operators with a single operand.

Class Summary
AbstractTupleElement<X> TODO : javadoc
BinaryArithmeticOperation<N extends Number> Models standard arithmetc operations with two operands.
CoalesceExpression<T> Models an ANSI SQL COALESCE expression.
CompoundSelectionImpl<X> The Hibernate implementation of the JPA CompoundSelection contract.
ConcatExpression A string concatenation.
EntityTypeExpression<T> TODO : javadoc
ExpressionImpl<T> Models an expression in the criteria query language.
ListIndexExpression An expression for referring to the index of a list.
LiteralExpression<T> Represents a literal expression.
MapEntryExpression<K,V> TODO : javadoc
NullifExpression<T> Models an ANSI SQL NULLIF expression.
NullLiteralExpression<T> Represents a NULLliteral expression.
ParameterExpressionImpl<T> Defines a parameter specification, or the information about a parameter (where it occurs, what is its type, etc).
PathTypeExpression<T> Used to construct the result of Path.type()
SearchedCaseExpression<R> Models what ANSI SQL terms a searched case expression.
SelectionImpl<X> The Hibernate implementation of the JPA Selection contract.
SimpleCaseExpression<C,R> Models what ANSI SQL terms a simple case statement.
SizeOfCollectionExpression<C extends Collection> Represents a "size of" expression in regards to a persistent collection; the implication is that of a subquery.
SubqueryComparisonModifierExpression<Y> Represents a SubqueryComparisonModifierExpression.Modifier.ALL, SubqueryComparisonModifierExpression.Modifier.ANY, SubqueryComparisonModifierExpression.Modifier.SOME modifier appplied to a subquery as part of a comparison.
UnaryArithmeticOperation<T> Models unary arithmetic operation (unary plus and unary minus).

Enum Summary

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