Package org.hibernate.ejb.criteria

Interface Summary
CollectionJoinImplementor<Z,X> Specialization of JoinImplementor for Collection typed attribute joins
CriteriaQueryCompiler.ImplicitParameterBinding Used to describe implicit (not defined in criteria query) parameters.
CriteriaQueryCompiler.RenderingContext Used to provide a context and services to the rendering.
ExpressionImplementor<T> TODO : javadoc
FromImplementor<Z,X> Implementation contract for the JPA From interface.
JoinImplementor<Z,X> Consolidates the Join and Fetch hierarchies since that is how we implement them.
ListJoinImplementor<Z,X> Specialization of JoinImplementor for List typed attribute joins
MapJoinImplementor<Z,K,V> Specialization of JoinImplementor for Map typed attribute joins
ParameterContainer Contract for query components capable of eirther being a parameter or containing parameters.
ParameterRegistry A registry for parameters.
PathImplementor<X> Implementation contract for the JPA Path interface.
PathSource<X> Implementation contract for things which can be the source (parent, left-hand-side, etc) of a path
Renderable TODO : javadoc
SelectionImplementor<X> TODO : javadoc
SetJoinImplementor<Z,X> Specialization of JoinImplementor for Set typed attribute joins
TupleElementImplementor<X> TODO : javadoc

Class Summary
AbstractNode All nodes in a criteria query tree will generally need access to the CriteriaBuilderImpl from which they come.
CriteriaBuilderImpl Hibernate implementation of the JPA CriteriaBuilder contract.
CriteriaQueryCompiler Compiles a JPA criteria query into an executable TypedQuery.
CriteriaQueryImpl<T> The Hibernate implementation of the JPA CriteriaQuery contract.
CriteriaSubqueryImpl<T> The Hibernate implementation of the JPA Subquery contract.
OrderImpl Represents an ORDER BY fragment.
ParameterContainer.Helper Helper to deal with potential parameter container nodes.
QueryStructure<T> Models basic query structure.
ValueHandlerFactory Helper for generically dealing with literal values.

Exception Summary
BasicPathUsageException Represents an incorrect usage of a basic path.
IllegalDereferenceException Represents an illegal attempt to dereference from a path source which cannot be dereferenced.

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