Package org.hibernate.bytecode.internal.javassist

Interface Summary
FieldFilter Contract for deciding whether fields should be read and/or write intercepted.
FieldHandled Interface introduced to the enhanced class in order to be able to inject a FieldHandler to define the interception behavior.
FieldHandler The interface defining how interception of a field should be handled.

Class Summary
AccessOptimizerAdapter The ReflectionOptimizer.AccessOptimizer implementation for Javassist which simply acts as an adapter to the BulkAccessor class.
BulkAccessor A JavaBean accessor.
BytecodeProviderImpl Bytecode provider implementation for Javassist.
FieldTransformer The thing that handles actual class enhancement in regards to intercepting field accesses.
InstantiationOptimizerAdapter The ReflectionOptimizer.InstantiationOptimizer implementation for Javassist which simply acts as an adapter to the FastClass class.
JavassistClassTransformer Enhance the classes allowing them to implements InterceptFieldEnabled This interface is then used by Hibernate for some optimizations.
ProxyFactoryFactoryImpl A factory for Javassist-based ProxyFactory instances.
ReflectionOptimizerImpl ReflectionOptimizer implementation for Javassist.

Exception Summary
BulkAccessorException An exception thrown while generating a bulk accessor.

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