Package org.hibernate.bytecode.spi

Interface Summary
BasicProxyFactory A proxy factory for "basic proxy" generation
BytecodeProvider Contract for providers of bytecode services to Hibernate.
ClassTransformer A persistence provider provides an instance of this interface to the PersistenceUnitInfo.addTransformer method.
ProxyFactoryFactory An interface for factories of proxy factory instances.
ReflectionOptimizer Represents reflection optimization for a particular class.
ReflectionOptimizer.AccessOptimizer Represents optimized entity property access.
ReflectionOptimizer.InstantiationOptimizer Represents optimized entity instantiation.

Class Summary
AbstractClassTransformerImpl Basic implementation of the ClassTransformer contract.
ByteCodeHelper A helper for reading byte code from various input sources.
InstrumentedClassLoader A specialized classloader which performs bytecode enhancement on class definitions as they are loaded into the classloader scope.

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