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Uses of QueryKey in org.hibernate.cache.internal

Methods in org.hibernate.cache.internal with parameters of type QueryKey
 List StandardQueryCache.get(QueryKey key, Type[] returnTypes, boolean isNaturalKeyLookup, Set spaces, SessionImplementor session)
 boolean StandardQueryCache.put(QueryKey key, Type[] returnTypes, List result, boolean isNaturalKeyLookup, SessionImplementor session)

Uses of QueryKey in org.hibernate.cache.spi

Methods in org.hibernate.cache.spi that return QueryKey
static QueryKey QueryKey.generateQueryKey(String queryString, QueryParameters queryParameters, Set filterKeys, SessionImplementor session, CacheableResultTransformer customTransformer)
          Generates a QueryKey.

Methods in org.hibernate.cache.spi with parameters of type QueryKey
 List QueryCache.get(QueryKey key, Type[] returnTypes, boolean isNaturalKeyLookup, Set spaces, SessionImplementor session)
 boolean QueryCache.put(QueryKey key, Type[] returnTypes, List result, boolean isNaturalKeyLookup, SessionImplementor session)

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