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Uses of JoinImplementor in org.hibernate.ejb.criteria

Subinterfaces of JoinImplementor in org.hibernate.ejb.criteria
 interface CollectionJoinImplementor<Z,X>
          Specialization of JoinImplementor for Collection typed attribute joins
 interface ListJoinImplementor<Z,X>
          Specialization of JoinImplementor for List typed attribute joins
 interface MapJoinImplementor<Z,K,V>
          Specialization of JoinImplementor for Map typed attribute joins
 interface SetJoinImplementor<Z,X>
          Specialization of JoinImplementor for Set typed attribute joins

Methods in org.hibernate.ejb.criteria that return JoinImplementor
 JoinImplementor<Z,X> JoinImplementor.correlateTo(CriteriaSubqueryImpl subquery)

Refined return type


Uses of JoinImplementor in org.hibernate.ejb.criteria.path

Classes in org.hibernate.ejb.criteria.path that implement JoinImplementor
 class AbstractJoinImpl<Z,X>
          TODO : javadoc
 class CollectionAttributeJoin<O,E>
          TODO : javadoc
 class ListAttributeJoin<O,E>
          TODO : javadoc
 class MapAttributeJoin<O,K,V>
          TODO : javadoc
 class PluralAttributeJoinSupport<O,C,E>
          Support for defining joins to plural attributes (JPA requires typing based on the specific collection type so we cannot really implement all support in a single class)
 class SetAttributeJoin<O,E>
          TODO : javadoc
 class SingularAttributeJoin<Z,X>
          TODO : javadoc

Methods in org.hibernate.ejb.criteria.path that return JoinImplementor
 JoinImplementor<Z,X> AbstractJoinImpl.correlateTo(CriteriaSubqueryImpl subquery)

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