Package org.hibernate.metamodel.binding

Interface Summary
AssociationAttributeBinding Contract describing a binding for attributes which model associations.
AttributeBinding The basic contract for binding a attribute from the domain model to the relational model.
AttributeBindingContainer Common contract for EntityBinding and ComponentAttributeBinding in so far as they are both containers for AttributeBinding descriptors
KeyValueBinding TODO : javadoc
SingularAssociationAttributeBinding Contract describing the attribute binding for singular associations (many-to-one, one-to-one).
SingularAttributeBinding Specialized binding contract for singular (non-collection) attributes

Class Summary
AbstractAttributeBinding Basic support for AttributeBinding implementors
AbstractCollectionElement Basic contract describing the commonality between the various types of collection element mappings.
AbstractPluralAttributeBinding TODO : javadoc
BagBinding TODO : javadoc
BasicAttributeBinding TODO : javadoc
Caching Defines the caching settings for an entity.
CollectionKey TODO : javadoc
CustomSQL Wraps the information for custom SQL execution
EntityBinding Provides the link between the domain and the relational model for an entity.
EntityDiscriminator Binding of the discriminator in a entity hierarchy
EntityIdentifier Binds the entity identifier.
FetchProfile A fetch profile allows a user to dynamically modify the fetching strategy used for particular associations at runtime, whereas that information was historically only statically defined in the metadata.
FetchProfile.Fetch Defines an individual association fetch within the given profile.
Helper Helper utilities specific to the binding package.
HibernateTypeDescriptor TODO : javadoc
IdGenerator Identifier generator container, Useful to keep named generator in annotations
ManyToOneAttributeBinding TODO : javadoc
MetaAttribute A meta attribute is a named value or values.
TypeDef Represents the metamodel view of a typedef (type definition).

Enum Summary
CollectionElementNature Describes the nature of persistent collection elements.
InheritanceType The inheritance type for a given entity.

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