Package org.hibernate.metamodel.domain

This package defines metadata modeling of a logical domain model.


Interface Summary
Attribute Describes an attribute.
AttributeContainer Basic contract for any container holding attributes.
Hierarchical Additional contract for things that can occur in an inheritance hierarchy (specifically ones we would need to traverse).
IndexedPluralAttribute TODO : javadoc
PluralAttribute TODO : javadoc
SingularAttribute A single valued (non-collection) attribute
Type Basic information about a Java type, in regards to its role in particular set of mappings.

Class Summary
AbstractAttributeContainer Convenient base class for AttributeContainer.
BasicType Models a basic type.
Component Models the notion of a component (what JPA calls an Embeddable).
Entity Models the notion of an entity
JavaType Models the naming of a Java type where we may not have access to that type's Class reference.
NonEntity Models the concept class in the hierarchy with no persistent attributes.
Superclass Models the concept of a (intermediate) superclass

Enum Summary
PluralAttributeNature Identifies the specific semantic of a plural valued attribute.
TypeNature Describes the type of a type :/

Package org.hibernate.metamodel.domain Description

This package defines metadata modeling of a logical domain model. Specifically note that this package does not in any way attempt to encapsulate data modeling information such cardinality or associations. Also note that the top-level logical model is represetation (entity-mode) agnostic.

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