Interface AuxiliaryDatabaseObject

All Superinterfaces:
Exportable, Serializable
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractAuxiliaryDatabaseObject, BasicAuxiliaryDatabaseObjectImpl

public interface AuxiliaryDatabaseObject
extends Exportable, Serializable

Auxiliary database objects (i.e., triggers, stored procedures, etc) defined in the mappings. Allows Hibernate to manage their lifecycle as part of creating/dropping the schema.

Method Summary
 boolean appliesToDialect(Dialect dialect)
          Does this database object apply to the given dialect?
Methods inherited from interface org.hibernate.metamodel.relational.Exportable
getExportIdentifier, sqlCreateStrings, sqlDropStrings

Method Detail


boolean appliesToDialect(Dialect dialect)
Does this database object apply to the given dialect?

dialect - The dialect to check against.
True if this database object does apply to the given dialect.

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