Package org.hibernate.metamodel.relational

This package defines the metamodel of a relational database schema.


Interface Summary
AuxiliaryDatabaseObject Auxiliary database objects (i.e., triggers, stored procedures, etc) defined in the mappings.
Constraint Basic contract for the types of constraints we fully support as metadata constructs: primary key foreign key unique constraint
Exportable Contract for entities (in the ERD sense) which can be exported via CREATE, ALTER, etc
Loggable Marker for things which can be logged.
SimpleValue Models a simple, non-compound value.
TableSpecification Models what ANSI SQL terms a table specification which is a table or a view or an inline view.
Value Models a value within a ValueContainer.
ValueContainer Contract for data containers (what the ANSI SQL spec calls "table specifications") to which we can map entity state.

Class Summary
AbstractAuxiliaryDatabaseObject Convenience base class for AuxiliaryDatabaseObjects.
AbstractConstraint Support for writing Constraint implementations
AbstractSimpleValue Basic support for SimpleValue implementations.
AbstractTableSpecification Convenience base class for implementing the ValueContainer contract centralizing commonality between modeling tables, views and inline views.
CheckConstraint TODO : javadoc
Column Models a physical column
Database Represents a database and manages the named schema/catalog pairs defined within.
Datatype Models a JDBC DATATYPE
DerivedValue Models a value expression.
ForeignKey Models the notion of a foreign key.
Identifier Models an identifier (name).
Index Models a SQL INDEX
InLineView A data container defined by a SELECT statement.
ObjectName Models the qualified name of a database object.
PrimaryKey Models a table's primary key.
Schema Represents a named schema/catalog pair and manages objects defined within.
Sequence Models a database SEQUENCE.
Size Models size restrictions/requirements on a column's datatype.
Table Models the concept of a relational TABLE (or VIEW).
Tuple Models a compound value (a tuple or row-value-constructor is SQL terms).
UniqueKey Models a SQL INDEX defined as UNIQUE
Value.JdbcCodes Used to track JDBC type usage throughout a series of potential recursive calls to component values since we do not know ahead of time which values correspond to which indexes of the jdbc type array.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
IllegalIdentifierException Indicates an attempted use of a name that was deemed illegal

Package org.hibernate.metamodel.relational Description

This package defines the metamodel of a relational database schema.

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