Class PrimaryKey

  extended by org.hibernate.metamodel.relational.AbstractConstraint
      extended by org.hibernate.metamodel.relational.PrimaryKey
All Implemented Interfaces:
Constraint, Exportable

public class PrimaryKey
extends AbstractConstraint
implements Constraint, Exportable

Models a table's primary key.

NOTE : This need not be a physical primary key; we just mean a column or columns which uniquely identify rows in the table. Of course it is recommended to define proper integrity constraints, including primary keys.

Constructor Summary
protected PrimaryKey(TableSpecification table)
Method Summary
 String getExportIdentifier()
          Get a unique identifier to make sure we are not exporting the same database structure multiple times.
 String getName()
          Obtain the constraint name.
 void setName(String name)
 String sqlConstraintStringInAlterTable(Dialect dialect)
 String sqlConstraintStringInCreateTable(Dialect dialect)
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Constructor Detail


protected PrimaryKey(TableSpecification table)
Method Detail


public String getName()
Description copied from interface: Constraint
Obtain the constraint name.

Specified by:
getName in interface Constraint
getName in class AbstractConstraint
the name.


public void setName(String name)


public String getExportIdentifier()
Description copied from interface: Exportable
Get a unique identifier to make sure we are not exporting the same database structure multiple times.

Specified by:
getExportIdentifier in interface Exportable
The exporting identifier.


public String sqlConstraintStringInCreateTable(Dialect dialect)


public String sqlConstraintStringInAlterTable(Dialect dialect)
Specified by:
sqlConstraintStringInAlterTable in class AbstractConstraint

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