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Packages that use ValueContainer
org.hibernate.metamodel.relational This package defines the metamodel of a relational database schema. 

Uses of ValueContainer in org.hibernate.metamodel.relational

Subinterfaces of ValueContainer in org.hibernate.metamodel.relational
 interface TableSpecification
          Models what ANSI SQL terms a table specification which is a table or a view or an inline view.

Classes in org.hibernate.metamodel.relational that implement ValueContainer
 class AbstractTableSpecification
          Convenience base class for implementing the ValueContainer contract centralizing commonality between modeling tables, views and inline views.
 class InLineView
          A data container defined by a SELECT statement.
 class Table
          Models the concept of a relational TABLE (or VIEW).
 class Tuple
          Models a compound value (a tuple or row-value-constructor is SQL terms).

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