Uses of Interface

Packages that use QueryStatistics   
org.hibernate.jmx This package exposes a Hibernate instance via JMX. 
org.hibernate.stat This package exposes statistics about a running Hibernate instance to the application. 

Uses of QueryStatistics in

Constructors in with parameters of type QueryStatistics
QueryStats(String name, QueryStatistics src)

Uses of QueryStatistics in org.hibernate.jmx

Methods in org.hibernate.jmx that return QueryStatistics
 QueryStatistics StatisticsService.getQueryStatistics(String hql)

Uses of QueryStatistics in org.hibernate.stat

Methods in org.hibernate.stat that return QueryStatistics
 QueryStatistics Statistics.getQueryStatistics(String queryString)
          Query statistics from query string (HQL or SQL)

Uses of QueryStatistics in org.hibernate.stat.internal

Classes in org.hibernate.stat.internal that implement QueryStatistics
 class ConcurrentQueryStatisticsImpl
          Query statistics (HQL and SQL)

Note that for a cached query, the cache miss is equals to the db count


Methods in org.hibernate.stat.internal that return QueryStatistics
 QueryStatistics ConcurrentStatisticsImpl.getQueryStatistics(String queryString)
          Query statistics from query string (HQL or SQL)

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