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Packages that use AbstractType
org.hibernate.persister.entity This package abstracts persistence mechanisms for entities, and defines the Hibernate runtime metamodel. 
org.hibernate.type A Hibernate Type is a strategy for mapping a Java property type to a JDBC type or types. 

Uses of AbstractType in org.hibernate.persister.entity

Subclasses of AbstractType in org.hibernate.persister.entity
 class DiscriminatorType
          TODO : javadoc

Uses of AbstractType in org.hibernate.type

Subclasses of AbstractType in org.hibernate.type
 class AbstractBynaryType
          Deprecated. Use the AbstractStandardBasicType approach instead
 class AbstractCharArrayType
          Deprecated. Use the AbstractStandardBasicType approach instead
 class AbstractLobType
 class AbstractLongBinaryType
          Deprecated. Use the AbstractStandardBasicType approach instead
 class AbstractLongStringType
          Deprecated. Use the AbstractStandardBasicType approach instead
 class AnyType
          Handles "any" mappings
 class ArrayType
          A type for persistent arrays.
 class BagType
 class ByteArrayBlobType
          Deprecated. replaced by WrappedMaterializedBlobType
 class CollectionType
          A type that handles Hibernate PersistentCollections (including arrays).
 class ComponentType
          Handles "component" mappings
 class CompositeCustomType
          Adapts CompositeUserType to the Type interface
 class CustomCollectionType
          A custom type for mapping user-written classes that implement PersistentCollection
 class CustomType
          Adapts UserType to the generic Type interface, in order to isolate user code from changes in the internal Type contracts.
 class EmbeddedComponentType
 class EntityType
          Base for types which map associations to persistent entities.
 class IdentifierBagType
 class ImmutableType
          Deprecated. Use the AbstractStandardBasicType approach instead
 class ListType
 class ManyToOneType
          A many-to-one association to an entity.
 class MapType
 class MetaType
 class MutableType
          Deprecated. Use the AbstractStandardBasicType approach instead
 class NullableType
          Deprecated. Use the AbstractStandardBasicType approach instead
 class ObjectType
          Specific adaptation of the "any" type to the old deprecated "object" type
 class OneToOneType
          A one-to-one association to an entity
 class OrderedMapType
          A specialization of the map type, with (resultset-based) ordering.
 class OrderedSetType
          A specialization of the set type, with (resultset-based) ordering.
 class PrimitiveByteArrayBlobType
          Deprecated. replaced by MaterializedBlobType
 class SerializableToBlobType
 class SetType
 class SortedMapType
 class SortedSetType
 class SpecialOneToOneType
          A one-to-one association that maps to specific formula(s) instead of the primary key column of the owning entity.

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