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Chapter 1. How to get help and contribute on Hibernate OGM

1.1. How to get help
1.2. How to contribute
1.2.1. How to build Hibernate OGM
1.2.2. How to contribute code effectively

Hibernate OGM is a young project. Join and help us shape it!

First of all, make sure to read this reference documentation. This is the most comprehensive formal source of information. Of course, it is not perfect: feel free to come and ask for help, comment or propose improvements in our Hibernate OGM forum.

You can also:

  • open bug reports in JIRA
  • propose improvements on the development mailing list
  • join us on IRC to discuss developments and improvements (#hibernate-dev on freenode.net; you need to be registered on freenode: the room does not accept "anonymous" users).


There are many ways to contribute:

  • report bugs in JIRA
  • give feedback in the forum, IRC or the development mailing list
  • improve the documentation
  • fix bugs or contribute new features
  • propose and code a datastore dialect for your favorite NoSQL engine

Hibernate OGM’s code is available on GitHub at https://github.com/hibernate/hibernate-ogm.