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Packages that use Insert This package contains internal implementation classes for the main API interfaces.   
org.hibernate.persister.entity This package abstracts persistence mechanisms for entities, and defines the Hibernate runtime metamodel. 
org.hibernate.sql This package defines helper classes for rendering SQL fragments and SQL statements. 

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Subclasses of Insert in
static class SequenceIdentityGenerator.NoCommentsInsert

Methods in that return Insert
 Insert SequenceIdentityGenerator.NoCommentsInsert.setComment(String comment)

Uses of Insert in

Subclasses of Insert in
 class IdentifierGeneratingInsert
          Nothing more than a distinguishing subclass of Insert used to indicate intent.
 class InsertSelectIdentityInsert
          Specialized IdentifierGeneratingInsert which appends the database specific clause which signifies to return generated IDENTITY values to the end of the insert statement.

Uses of Insert in org.hibernate.persister.entity

Methods in org.hibernate.persister.entity with parameters of type Insert
protected  void AbstractEntityPersister.addDiscriminatorToInsert(Insert insert)
protected  void SingleTableEntityPersister.addDiscriminatorToInsert(Insert insert)

Uses of Insert in org.hibernate.sql

Methods in org.hibernate.sql that return Insert
 Insert Insert.addColumn(String columnName)
 Insert Insert.addColumn(String columnName, Object value, LiteralType type)
 Insert Insert.addColumn(String columnName, String value)
 Insert Insert.addColumns(String[] columnNames)
 Insert Insert.addColumns(String[] columnNames, boolean[] insertable)
 Insert Insert.addIdentityColumn(String columnName)
 Insert Insert.setComment(String comment)
 Insert Insert.setTableName(String tableName)

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