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Packages that use OptimisticCacheSource
org.hibernate.cache This package defines APIs/SPIs and implementations for the Hibernate second-level cache. 
org.hibernate.cache.impl.bridge This package contains internal implementation classes for the main API interfaces. 
org.hibernate.persister.entity This package abstracts persistence mechanisms for entities, and defines the Hibernate runtime metamodel. 

Uses of OptimisticCacheSource in org.hibernate.cache

Methods in org.hibernate.cache with parameters of type OptimisticCacheSource
 void OptimisticCache.setSource(OptimisticCacheSource source)
          Indicates the "source" of the cached data.

Uses of OptimisticCacheSource in org.hibernate.cache.impl.bridge

Classes in org.hibernate.cache.impl.bridge that implement OptimisticCacheSource
 class OptimisticCacheSourceAdapter

Uses of OptimisticCacheSource in

Subinterfaces of OptimisticCacheSource in
 interface PostInsertIdentityPersister
          A persister that may have an identity assigned by execution of a SQL INSERT.

Uses of OptimisticCacheSource in org.hibernate.persister.entity

Subinterfaces of OptimisticCacheSource in org.hibernate.persister.entity
 interface EntityPersister
          Implementors define mapping and persistence logic for a particular strategy of entity mapping.
 interface Loadable
          Implemented by a EntityPersister that may be loaded using Loader.
 interface Lockable
          Contract for things that can be locked via a LockingStrategy.
 interface OuterJoinLoadable
          A EntityPersister that may be loaded by outer join using the OuterJoinLoader hierarchy and may be an element of a one-to-many association.
 interface Queryable
          Extends the generic EntityPersister contract to add operations required by the Hibernate Query Language
 interface SQLLoadable
          A class persister that supports queries expressed in the platform native SQL dialect
 interface UniqueKeyLoadable

Classes in org.hibernate.persister.entity that implement OptimisticCacheSource
 class AbstractEntityPersister
          Basic functionality for persisting an entity via JDBC through either generated or custom SQL
 class JoinedSubclassEntityPersister
          An EntityPersister implementing the normalized "table-per-subclass" mapping strategy
 class SingleTableEntityPersister
          The default implementation of the EntityPersister interface.
 class UnionSubclassEntityPersister
          Implementation of the "table-per-concrete-class" or "roll-down" mapping strategy for an entity and its inheritence hierarchy.

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