This package contains internal implementation classes for the main API interfaces.


Interface Summary
CompositeNestedGeneratedValueGenerator.GenerationContextLocator Contract for declaring how to locate the context for sub-value injection.
CompositeNestedGeneratedValueGenerator.GenerationPlan Contract for performing the actual sub-value generation, usually injecting it into the determined context
Configurable An IdentifierGenerator that supports "configuration".
IdentifierGenerator The general contract between a class that generates unique identifiers and the Session.
IdentifierGeneratorAggregator Identifies generators which potentially aggregate other PersistentIdentifierGenerator generators.
IntegralDataTypeHolder Defines a common api for dealing with data of integral data type.
PersistentIdentifierGenerator An IdentifierGenerator that requires creation of database objects.
PostInsertIdentityPersister A persister that may have an identity assigned by execution of a SQL INSERT.
ResultSetIdentifierConsumer An optional contract for Type or UserType implementations to handle generated id values any way they see fit as opposed to being limited to the discrete set of numeric types handled by IdentifierGeneratorHelper

Class Summary
AbstractPostInsertGenerator Basic implementation of the PostInsertIdentifierGenerator contract.
AbstractUUIDGenerator The base class for identifier generators that use a UUID algorithm.
Assigned assigned

An IdentifierGenerator that returns the current identifier assigned to an instance.
CompositeNestedGeneratedValueGenerator For composite identifiers, defines a number of "nested" generations that need to happen to "fill" the identifier property(s).
ForeignGenerator foreign

An Identifier generator that uses the value of the id property of an associated object

One mapping parameter is required: property.
GUIDGenerator Generates string values using the SQL Server NEWID() function.
IdentifierGeneratorHelper Factory and helper methods for IdentifierGenerator framework.
IdentityGenerator A generator for use with ANSI-SQL IDENTITY columns used as the primary key.
IdentityGenerator.BasicDelegate Delegate for dealing with IDENTITY columns where the dialect requires an additional command execution to retrieve the generated IDENTITY value
IdentityGenerator.GetGeneratedKeysDelegate Delegate for dealing with IDENTITY columns using JDBC3 getGeneratedKeys
IdentityGenerator.InsertSelectDelegate Delegate for dealing with IDENTITY columns where the dialect supports returning the generated IDENTITY value directly from the insert statement.
IncrementGenerator increment

An IdentifierGenerator that returns a long, constructed by counting from the maximum primary key value at startup.
MultipleHiLoPerTableGenerator A hilo IdentifierGenerator that returns a Long, constructed using a hi/lo algorithm.
SelectGenerator A generator that selects the just inserted row to determine the identifier value assigned by the database.
SelectGenerator.SelectGeneratorDelegate The delegate for the select generation strategy.
SequenceGenerator sequence

Generates long values using an oracle-style sequence.
SequenceHiLoGenerator seqhilo

An IdentifierGenerator that combines a hi/lo algorithm with an underlying oracle-style sequence that generates hi values.
SequenceIdentityGenerator A generator which combines sequence generation with immediate retrieval through JDBC3 getGeneratedKeys.
TableGenerator An IdentifierGenerator that uses a database table to store the last generated value.
TableHiLoGenerator hilo

An IdentifierGenerator that returns a Long, constructed using a hi/lo algorithm.
UUIDHexGenerator uuid

A UUIDGenerator that returns a string of length 32, This string will consist of only hex digits.

Exception Summary
IdentifierGenerationException Thrown by IdentifierGenerator implementation class when ID generation fails.

Package Description

This package contains internal implementation classes for the main API interfaces.

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