Interface IdentifierGenerator

All Known Subinterfaces:
PersistentIdentifierGenerator, PostInsertIdentifierGenerator
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractPostInsertGenerator, AbstractUUIDGenerator, Assigned, CompositeNestedGeneratedValueGenerator, ForeignGenerator, GUIDGenerator, IdentityGenerator, IncrementGenerator, MultipleHiLoPerTableGenerator, SelectGenerator, SequenceGenerator, SequenceHiLoGenerator, SequenceIdentityGenerator, SequenceStyleGenerator, TableGenerator, TableGenerator, TableHiLoGenerator, UUIDHexGenerator

public interface IdentifierGenerator

The general contract between a class that generates unique identifiers and the Session. It is not intended that this interface ever be exposed to the application. It is intended that users implement this interface to provide custom identifier generation strategies.

Implementors should provide a public default constructor.

Implementations that accept configuration parameters should also implement Configurable.
Implementors must be threadsafe

Gavin King
See Also:
PersistentIdentifierGenerator, Configurable

Field Summary
static String ENTITY_NAME
          The configuration parameter holding the entity name
Method Summary
 Serializable generate(SessionImplementor session, Object object)
          Generate a new identifier.

Field Detail


static final String ENTITY_NAME
The configuration parameter holding the entity name

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Constant Field Values
Method Detail


Serializable generate(SessionImplementor session,
                      Object object)
                      throws HibernateException
Generate a new identifier.

session -
object - the entity or toplevel collection for which the id is being generated
a new identifier

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